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At KIEPBalance our Mission is to establish a synergy of biomechanics and kinesthetic balance between equine and human partners for optimal performance.

Our Purpose is to rhythmically balance horse and rider “together”.  We want you to become self-sufficient in maintaining this process. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Myk D. Bray, DC, DVM, AVCA 

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The most important information needed for the KIEPBalance program is gathered through the evaluation process. Our first priority is to gather data provided by the horse owner regarding any  training concerns and/or injuries.  After the completion of the owner’s interview an overall physiological analysis is conducted.  This includes a complete anatomical body evaluation, followed by observing the horse’s biomechanics in daily functions, i.e. work in hand, round pen work or lunging, and most importantly while being ridden.

Restorative Component
Once the evaluation is completed, the time has come to begin restoring or reestablishing kinetic and biomechanical balance.  Restoration is attained by a combination of bodywork including rebalancing muscle structures and correcting posture for both horse and rider. The rider is directed in correctly using their body’s biomechanics to influence the horse regardless of their particular riding discipline.  It is through appropriate use of the rider’s core muscles that rebalancing occurs, thus balance between rider and horse can be achieved.


Continued Active Rehabilitative Exercise The unique aspect of the KIEPBalance program that no other program offers is the perpetual involvement of the horse owner in the progress of the horse’s physical development and rehabilitation. This is accomplished through a regimen of specific exercises (as needed for both horse and rider) along with nutritional balancing and KIEPBalance rechecks as needed. It is through a synergy of correct biomechanics paired with neuromuscular rehabilitation that equine athletes and their riders can reach their full potential while maintaining a positive attitude and healthy body.


If your dream goal is to achieve the wellness and performance that only strength and balance can provide, then I recommend experiencing the synergy of the KIEPBalance team.  Ivy Callaway

I’m extremely happy and grateful for my horse’s current health care through KIEPBalance.  Instead of a Bandaid, he gets “true healing” through natural remedies & bodywork.  KIEPBalance has enabled my horse to “attain and maintain” correct stability, strength, and vitality.  My horse deserves only, the very BEST! Mary Asher Fitzpatrick & Glad Dancer

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