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Take your time choosing from our incredible selection of products. Browse our online sources, then phone or email in your order. We'll have it ready for you to pick up, or drop-ship is available from the product producers.

Our products include:

  • Kyani; Triangle health products
  • AloeXtra; Daily aloe and antioxidant
  • PROtherapies; Nutritional support
  • Standard Process; Health supplements and veterinary supplements
  • LifeStrength; Pro health band
  • Dennerol; Spine orthotic device

Kyani’s Multiple-Aspect Approach to Wellness

Triangle of Health

Kyäni is proud to provide High Impact Products. The Kyäni Health Triangle provides the needed nutrition for today's active lifestyle. Each product plays an important role in daily wellness. Together they work to neutralize free radicals, lower the risk of disease and provide optimal health and well-being.

Recommended usage:

Kyäni Sunrise: 1 oz. with breakfast Kyäni Sunset: 3 gel tabs with evening meal Kyäni NitroFX: 1 to 2 ml. (1/2tsp) orally per day. * for best results, take Kyäni Sunset at least 4 hours after taking Kyäni Sunrise

Balance Bracelets by LifeStrength

Click photo for the official LifeStrength website. Here you will find everything you need to know about the construction and performance of these balance bands that are maximizing the potential of people all over the world. LifeStrength provides you with the opportunity to exploit your natural abilities, feel healthier, and gain the confidence you need to:

• Compete at the highest levels

• Utilize 100% of your body’s resources

• Reduce stress and improve your self-assurance

Dennerol Orthotic Device

Click the image on left to see if this orthotic device is Right For Your spine.

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